About us… Do you really wanna know?

Perhaps we should clear a few things up…

To make our jobs bearable we have created a fun and lively work environment (as you may have noticed from the tone of our web content). We understand that when it comes to children, providing the best care for their safety and development should not be taken lightly. All current employees of Daycare Canada Online, although not a requirement, have children of their own. One of our employees holds the current company record with 9… that’s right N-I-N-E, of his own! Our children are a constant reminder to us of how important their care is. FYI: The rest of the company has already admitted defeat and have forfeited the baby competition.

We aim to please!

Our goal is to provide parents with the tools and information to help them find the 2nd best care for their children – the first, of course, is themselves! We understand that it is increasingly difficult to get by on a single income or as a single parent – our heart goes out you; as Canadian parents in 2024 we share your dilemma. We are continually improving to make it easy for parents to spot the good childcare providers and eliminate the others. We cannot guarantee that all child care providers listed on DaycareCanada.com are a good match; that decision has to be made by parents though their own investigation. We understand that each child is different and comes with unique needs – the best child care environment should be based on those needs. We are here to point parents to child care providers in their area and answer as many basic questions that needed to make it though their initial screening process.

Just tell us… we can take it!

Each week we seem to have new ideas for enhancing our services and look forward to future developments – we are always looking to improve. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

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